Why Patients Survive COVID-19 At Public Isolation Centres-Abayomi

Lagos State Government has explained why patients admitted and managed at its public isolation centres survive the COVID-19 Infections in spite of the contagious and deadly nature of the disease.

With total confirmed cases of COVID-19 standing at 512 out of which 377 are active, 107 discharged, 2 evacuated (abroad), 8 transferred (to other states) and 18 deaths as at April 22, Commissioner for Health, Professor Akin Abomi attributed the achievement to the strategic steps of government.

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According to him, “Our well thought out Covid-19 Strategy is all we have to rely on and God has so far helped us to do so much”

According to Abayomi in presenting the Lagos State #COVID19Lagos Situation Report, “At the moment, in the Lagos State Government (LASG) policy, unless there are extenuating circumstances, all covid-19 patients should be managed in a state facility or a private sector facility that has been designated and subsumed by the Lagos State government as a State isolation facility.

“That is the strategy at the moment and that is what we are maintaining and regulating through Health Facilities Accreditation and Management Agency (HEFAMA)”.

Distribution Pattern of COVID-19 Cases by LGAs

But the strategy according to the Senior Special Assistant to Governor Babajide Sanwoolu, OreOluwa Finnih, in a Twit has not been without its challenges as many elites who test positive often have to be cajoled to be admitted at the isolation centre for treatment.

Said Finnih: “Please, awa Elites, Im appealing to you to make our lives easier. When we call that you’re positive to covid19 and should get ready for evacuation, please! please! please! comply. I know its hard to hear but people are recovering and going home.

“We’re dissipating energy, begging you, chasing you, trying to convince you to be picked up…

She described the coronavirus pandemic as an emergency, saying, “If it gets out of hand it wont spare anybody ooo.”

The Commissioner who disclosed that between April 8 and 18, 2020, Lagos Mainland Local Government was leading in the number of reported cases at 147 (107 males, 40 females); followed by Eti Osa LGA with 141 cases (85 males, 57 Females) and Ikeja LGA 69 (41 males, 28 females) and Alimosho is being closely watched as cases from the axis are beginning to increase.

Abayomi also revealed that infection pattern seen in the state “is from moderate disease to severe and, certainly we would want to prevent the infected going from severe to critical”.

He added, “So, we implore  everyone in the community not to yield to the urge to stay at home when showing symptoms of the virus but to call on the hotline for pick up to our public isolation centres.

“You are more likely to survive the covid-19 infection under the supervision of our experts in our public isolation centres”, he advised.
According to the Commissioner, “We have had many patients trying to present to us at the very late stages of the complications and several of them have died either en route to the hospital or when they reached a critical state when they are desperate and at that stage, it becomes very difficult for us to rescue such patients”.

Professor Abayomi described the state of the public isolation centre as “very clean and very comfortable”‘

On the resources available for treatment and management, he added: “Our staff are professional, very friendly and in the open wards, you get to meet other COVID-19 patients and you get to relate and share experiences.

“As far as we are concerned, most patients have had a very pleasant experiences and have often described it a s very changing life experiences for them not because of the adversity of the environment but that they have been admitted into an isolation environment that is very different from a normal ward”, assured Abayomi.

Onikan Isolation Facility

Let me re-emphasise to the community that if you have the features of covid-19 infections, it is important that you contact us on our 08000CORONA number and that we are aware of your condition and we can test you and that if yo”u are positive, we can bring you into one of our isolation facilities and give you the best opportunity to survive the infection”, Abayomi noted.
He also pointed out “Out of the 14 fatalities (as at April 18), that we have had, only two of them have happened at our Infectious Diseases Hospital (IDH) in Yaba and these two are examples of cases presented to us in very late stage where there has been very little we could do to save their lives.”, he lamented.

In his submission, “Most of them (the other 12) have died either enroute to the hospital or in private facilities while they have been trying to avoid coming to our isolation facilities. You are most likely to receive the best help and the best care if you come to our public isolation centres at the early stages of your infection”, Abayomi reiterated.

The state at present have commissioned isolations centres at Yaba, Landmark Convention Centre, Lekki, The Onikan Isolation Facility and in partnership with LUTH, we manage their Isolation centre as well as the one at Badagry.

The Onikan centre is a private facilities accredited by the government and it is subsumed by the government. The Landmark Facility is also Private Facility which comes under the jurisdiction of the ministry of Health even though it is managed to some extent by the private sector, The LUTH is a federal hospital, not state but comes under the jurisdiction of the ministry of health; the First Cardiology Consultants Hospital is one that has very advanced high care facilities and have requested that they come under the supervision of the ministry of health as a designated facility for patients that need extreme expertise for severe complications of covid -19 and have gone through the accreditation process and they have now been designated as one of our isolation centres., Abayomi concluded.

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