UNICEF Poll Shows Gender Disparity In Social Views Among Nigerian Youths

The outcome of a UNICEF and Gallup poll shows there is gender disparity in social views among Nigerian youths.

The international survey conducted ahead of international children’s day indicated that Girls for instance are 26 percent less likely to trust Nigerian Police than boys.

NigerinGirls are also 10 percent more likely to think it is equally important for both boys and girls to learn how to understand personal finances.

The survey result equally shows that more boys about 28 percent more, are likely than girls, to think it is acceptable for a parent to physically punish a child.

The survey poll equally revealed that four percent more of Boys are likely to think it is very important to treat females equally.

Despite these challenges and gender divides, however, young Nigerians have shown according to the poll that they are quite optimistic about their future.

Compared to their elders, young Nigerians also believe children and young people today receive better quality healthcare, education, and access to clean water than their parents did.

Most Nigeria Children Are Under Pressure to Succeed Globally

Almost 70 percent of males and 80 percent of females also believe they will be economically better off than their parents.

Young Nigerians also agree that the minimum age for marriage for both boys and girls should be 25, expressing a desire for more time to enjoy their independence before adulthood.

Critically, Nigerians have one of the highest rates young and older generations believing it is very important for politicians to listen to children’s voices when making decisions, at 87 per cent.

In the views of Joe Daly, Senior Partner at Gallup, “We cannot know what is on the minds of young people if we do not ask them. UNICEF’s survey reinforces the importance of hearing from the next generation and understanding their perspectives,” he said.

“The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow; it is crucial for older generations to do their part to ensure our children inherit a better world”. Daly noted.

UNICEF Country Representative, Peter Hawkins pointed out, “This is a clarion call from young people in Nigeria.

“A call to listen, to learn, and to take action to lift Nigeria high. As we celebrate this World Children’s Day, it is critical we listen to young people directly about their well-being – both physical and mental – and their aspirations in this changing world”, Hawkins added.

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