Second Wave of Covid is Deadlier, Mask Up

“Second wave of covid-19 is deadlier than the earlier strain seen in 2020 and it spreads faster, kill faster” is the viral message that the duo of the Chief Medical Director of Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH Professor Chris Bode and Medical Director of Federal Medical Centre, Ebute-Meta, Dr Adedamola Dada have sent to Nigerians.

According to Professor Bode,  “Unlike what we witnessed in the first wave, this second wave of covid is more easily transmitted and deadlier and there is need to mask up all the time”.

WHO’s Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

In the words of Dr. Dada, “it appears we are dealing now with a more transmittable and even more deadly disease. Several of our compatriots including health workers have succumbed to this deadly disease”, he warned.

Director General, World Health Organisation, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at a media briefing on Wednesday noted: “The pandemic is still a major public health crisis and new variants, which appear to be more transmissible, are exacerbating the situation” lamenting, “how a new infectious virus puts those with underlying conditions at highest risk of dying.

Professor Bode warned that unless everyone accepts that Corvid-19 pandemic is not over and that we must prepare to confront it all over again, there is the likelihood of recording huge number of deaths.

Dr. Adedamola Dada

Bode expressed worry over the nonchallant attitude of Lagosians in preventing the spread of the virus by observing all basic rules especially the wearing of mask and observing physical distancing.

According to him,”What we see on the streets, worship centres and social interactions, parties and daily activities call for concern.

“In a period when the “enemy” has doubled back and is attacking us ferociously, we seem to be celebrating a false victory and denying the danger is still around us”, Bode noted.

Dada in his own message noted: “Our health system and health workers are under incredible strain as more and more very ill patient present to our hospitals.

:We very urgently need to help the health workers cope better by reducing the number of infections and therefore patients they see. We need to help the system.This will only happen when we all obey the Covid guidelines and collectively work to reduce the number of infections”.

Chairman Lagos State Primary Healthcare Board, Professor Akin Osibogun in an interview with Healthstyleplus confirmed that there is already “increasing fatigue among healthworkers” and there is need for residents of the state to cooperate through deliberate act of stemming the spread by obeying the guidelines from Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

Prof. Akin Osibogun

He warned that if Nigerians continue to ignore the directives to mask up, wash hands frequently and sanitise too as well as well as stay away from crowded places, the fragile health system of the country will get overwhelmed and would not be able to support so many sick people.

Professor Bode noted that the hospital in now seeing an upsurge in the number of people who keep treating “malaria” instead of going for the Covid test.

“Many such then start using all sorts of steam inhalation and home remedies for their cough and chest congestion. It is not helpful to do this, especially if you are also diabetic, hypertensive or with a number of other health baggages, or above the age of 60”, he warned.

Similalrly, Dada said, “Every *”malaria feelings” now and *cough* must be investigated for Covid.

*Steam inhalation, Aboliki and methyl salicylates application are not treatments for Covid infection* and they are also not preventive! Eating garlic, turmeric or all such things do not prevent or treat the conditions”, he aded.

All the experts insist, Nigerians must take adherence to the basic rules as seriously as necessary and immediately shelve all forms of social engagements  for now to enable the country flatten the curve of the second wave as soon as possible.





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