Accurate Hospital Data Will Boost Functional Healthcare Delivery In Lagos – Dr. Eniayewun

Accurate hospital data gathered, collated, and rendered in a timely manner with new technology will boost planning functional healthcare delivery in Lagos State.

Permanent Secretary Lagos State Health Services Commission, (LHSC), Dr Benjamin Ademuyiwa Eniayewun disclosed this when he received 30 DHIS Tablets from the Chief of Party, Save the Children International-Nigeria (SCIN), Dr Adamu Isa, in Lagos.

Eniayewun expressed his delight at the donation of about N8.10m worth of Samsung Tablets saying, “it is coming at such a very critical time the technology and accompanying training for our personnel are most needed in the State”.

International NGO, Save the Children-Nigeria in partnership with Multinational Pharmaceutical Giant, GlaxoSmithKline donated the equipment in Lagos.

The Permanent Secretary noted, “with accurate hospital data, public healthcare delivery in Lagos will now enjoy a great boost using data gathered and collated in a timely and very useful fashion”.

Eniayewun said, hitherto, hospital data on critical areas of public health got to government agencies responsible for planning late and so, rendering ineffective most of the laudable plans projected for public hospitals in the state.

He said, “Most times the hospital data are as late as two months from some of the health facilities before these data get to the Medical Records and Services Department”.

He applauded the training of the first set of 30 Health Information Officers and equipping them with the needed equipment as “a paradigm shift in the manual way our hospitals capture data, handle data and render same for information gathering”.

“We shall endeavour to cascade the training to more health record officers to boost our services in the State”, Eniayewun promised.

He added, “With this training and introduction of the District Health Information Software (DHIS2) Tablets, I believe it is a big step towards rendering timely, accurate and very useful data and this would be the beginning for the whole country if we all key into this; then decision making in health care will very seem less and we will have accurate information in a timely fashion”.

DHIS is an open-source software platform for reporting, analysing, and disseminating of data for all health programmes, developed by the Health Information Systems Programme.

Eniayewun assured residents of the State that with the introduction of modern tools in data collation and dissemination for planning purposes in the State, there would be an improvement in the timely delivery of functional care for patients at General Hospitals in the State from the year 2023.
“Hospital Data is not just data but the right quality data is one that can generate the right and accurate information which we use for planning purposes and decision making.

“With quality information, we assure our patients of functional healthcare delivery”, said Eniayewun

Chief of Party, SCIN, Dr Isa said the involvement of the International Organisation in the training and facilitating the donation of the DHIS2 Tablets will enhance improved healthcare delivery for citizens in Lagos State.

He noted that Save the Children is assisting the State to strengthen sustainable Primary Healthcare in Ikorodu Local Government Area of the State and is helping to also support data tracking at the General Hospitals to make planning much easier for Government.

The DHIS Dashboard App as designed is to help Planning Officers access all public hospital data and use these to map out the needs of every facility

Some of the priority indicators programmed into the DHIS Dashboard App include Facility Attendance, Births, Deaths, Maternal Mortality, Pneumonia in Children, and Immunisation among others.


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