Fruit Juice as Breakfast Replacement Good

Replacing one’s regular breakfast meal occasionally with fruit juice is very good and highly recommended.

A  health and fitness expert, Dr. Bisi Abiola during her usual monthly discourse recommended 100% fruit juice for professionals who are denied the opportunity of regular breakfast as a result of tight job schedules.

 Abiola also advised on adding fruit juice to the breakfast table to give individuals who are often too busy to eat regularly the needed nourishment to start off their daily activities.

 The Fitness expert spoke during the November Edition of her monthly discourse on the health benefits of 100% fruit juice, a platform aimed at promoting the No-Added Sugar initiative by Chi Ltd.

 She said, “The consequence of our modern lifestyle has forced many people to resort to unhealthy lifestyle and feeding habits, which are now frequently linked to the development of an increasing number of diseases like osteoporosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, respiratory infection, obesity, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and thyroid.

 “In most homes, both parents have jobs, whether working for someone else or self-employed, leaving little or no time to cook. So, the norm is grab-on-the-go meal or going without breakfast. One of the things that comes handy in this situation is 100% fruit juice.”

According to the expert, individuals who adopt unhealthy food habits often skip breakfast, eat little fruit and vegetables or stick to one meal a day. “A healthy attitude towards fruit juice, she stated, is a convenient way to prevent health challenges associated with busy lifestyles”, she said..

 Adding also, “An intake of food balanced with essential nutrients, which include 100% fruit juice, will help improve our immunity level and keep us healthy”.

Abiola, who is also the chief executive of Indulge Nigeria Limited, said pure fruit juice could also be taken as a source for energy during prolonged meetings and intensive fitness sessions.


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