Expert Says Good Nutrition, Rest Encourage Exclusive Breastfeeding

A Medical Officer Dr Oludolapo Sotunde has noted that the consumption of good nutrition and observing sufficient period of rest by new moms are needed precursors to encourage exclusive breastfeeding.

Sotunde explained the principle to mothers and stakeholders at a breastfeeding event in Ikorodu, Lagos State organised by Save the Children Internation (SCI), Nigeria through the GSK INSPIRING Project.

She said that consuming foods rich in vitamins such as fruits and vegetables, drinking water in abundance as well as having sufficient rest period would enable new mothers lactate sufficiently.

The occasion was to mark the 2021 World Breastfeeding Week with the Theme: “Protect Breastfeeding, A shared Responsibility”.

The MoH pointed out that the importance of exclusive breastfeeding to the survival, health, and well-being of infants has been well documented and not a new invetion.

She noted that exclusive breastfeeding improves the immune system of babies, promotes bonding between mother and baby, acts as a form of family planning for many, it is more economical considering economic situation in the country and that exclusive breastfeeding prevents breast cancer among others.

Sotunde also linked the benefits of exclusive Breastfeeding to the prevention of childhood pneumonia and reduction of infant mortality; asking mothers to desist from weaning exclusively brerastfed babies with processed meals such as noodles and cereals “as these processed foods are not ideal for babies below two years of age”, Sotunde warned.

About 150 Caregivers attended the event while lots of gift items such as baby wipes, baby diapers, and detergent were shared for the caregivers using the child health cards.

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