Climate Change Impacts Threaten Children’s Survival, SCIN

Climate change-related disasters and impacts threaten children’s survival says, global Child’s Rights Organisation, Save the Children International, Nigeria, SCIN.

These disasters and impacts are identified to threaten the rights of all children, girls, women, and particularly those living with disabilities to food, shelter, and means of livelihood, as these groups suffer more than others.

According to the Director of Advocacy, Campaigns, Communication, and Media Amanuel Mamo, “They are the first and worst affected by the climate change impacts whether by climate-related natural disasters or the impact of climate change on food production, access to water, livelihoods, and basic social services”.

Amanuel Moma

The message from SCIN was on the occasion marking World Environment Day.

With the campaign theme, #OnlyOneEarth, SCIN is asking everyone: “reflect on your habits, culture, and behavior towards planet Earth” as these critically affect and threaten all spheres of life.

Mamo noted, “the climate change crisis is the biggest challenge of our time. It is a grave threat to children and their rights.

Pointing out, “Child rights might not even survive a global climate catastrophe. We have created a huge environmental debt for our children and future generations.

He added, “Children have contributed the least to the climate crisis, and yet we know that they are paying the highest price. Hence, Save the Children recognizes the legitimacy and power of the voice and leadership of children in the climate movement.

“SCI Nigeria works towards a child-led campaign to promote environmental protection,” said, the Communication and Media Director.

He explained that SCI Nigeria recognizes the growing negative impacts of environmental degradation on children, the most deprived and marginalized people, thus reducing opportunities for children to survive, learn, and be protected.

Pointing out also, that for too long, we have been exploiting and destroying our planet’s ecosystems with available data indicating that every three seconds, the world loses enough forest to cover a football pit, and over the last century, we have destroyed half of our wetlands.

World environment day highlights the need to reset the balance with nature through transformative changes in how we eat, live, work and move around, we all have every sense of accountability to live sustainably in harmony with nature.

SCIN supports and promotes climate-smart agriculture, natural resource management, early warning systems, desertification control, and environmental conservation – including training on renewable energy technologies, entrepreneurship, and tree planting.

The Organisation calls on families, communities, and local, state, and national governments to join hands in bringing positive change to make planet earth a much healthier, greener, and happier place to live in, in a bid to achieve sustainable development goals.

It asks relevant government partners, MDAs, CSOs, UN agencies, academia, media, the youth, and children to raise awareness, advocate and influence policy, and positively shift community behavior and action regarding environmental protection.

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