July 12, 2024

Bloggers’ Guild, Womanisfesto, Others Celebrate Women, Demand Gender Parity

Bloggers under the Guild of Professional Bloggers of Nigeria (GPBN), Womanifesto, an umbrella for 250 women coalition, and others celebrate women on International women’s Day demand gender parity at all levels of life endeavours. More Pregnant Women Risk Covid Infections, Death

Abuja Women celebrate
Women in Media World

The GPBN took time to recognise, celebrate its women as well as commend all its female members for their ruggedness and outstanding achievements in professional blogging around issues of life – News, Law, Banking, Health, Entertainment, and other sectors. In a statement by President and General Secretary, Adrian Egonu and Femi Adeoya, GPBN says, it recognises women as blessings and for being an integral part of the world and noted that the contributions of women can never be overemphasized,

Lagos State Women celebrate

“Amongst the pioneer Guild of Professional Bloggers is formidable and reliable females who have made great marks and are still standing at par with their male counterparts.

“We recognise your roles and we cannot but celebrate our quality and reliable female professional bloggers all over Nigeria. These ones uphold the ethics of quality news reporting and would never be part of fake reports of which GPBN frowns against”, the Guild noted.

Ogun State Women celebrate

The Guild observed that with the theme of 2022 IWD; “gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” #BreakTheBias,  “GPBN agrees that women should be given the opportunity to prove their sterling qualities across the board in all facets of life. As we all, males and females have great contributions to make for a better world”.

The celebration of IWD was also marked by peaceful protests across the country by coalition of women groups under the umbrella of WOMANIFESTO One Million Woman March.

Benue State Women celebrate

The women were protesting the Constitutional biases of the 9th Assembly which see the Lawmakers throwing out all five gender bills that seek to have inclusion and consideration of women in vital areas of national responsibilities.

Pupils of C&S Primary School, Majidun Lagos supported by Save the Children, Nigeria INSPIRING Project

The National Assembly NASS on March 1, 2022, denies Nigerian women the following: –

  • Citizenship to the foreign-born husband of a Nigerian woman (whereas a Nigerian man’s foreign-born wife gets automatic citizenship);
  • Nigerian women are denied the ability to take indigeneship of their husband’s state after 5 years of being married;
  • Denied the reserve of 30 of appointed positions for women in governments’ cabinets.
  • Nigerian women are denied affirmative action to increase the number of women in party administration and leadership by 35%.
  • And above all the request to reserve specific seats for women in the National and state Assemblies.
Kebbi State Women celebrate

The women vowed to continue with engaging all stakeholders in governance for a revisit of the National Assembly to the bills otherwise women would boycott the 2023 elections and would mobilise that no woman should vote.

While the women’s protest was ongoing across the nation news filters through the Twitter Handle of the Assembly that the House of Representatives might have rescinded on three of the Bills that were voted out. These are: To reconsider the bill on indigeneship, citizenship, and 35% affirmative action in party administration.

In a similar development Save the Children International (SCI, Nigeria) under its INSPIRING Project celebrated the event with the Child Rights Advocacy Clubs in their schools teaching them about the natural phenomenon called “Woman” using drama, rhymes, and debates as well display of posters depicting the strength of women in a patriarchal society.

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