60m Children in Eight Countries Risk Surviving 2021

About 60 million children in eight countries with the biggest humanitarian crises, are at risk of surviving 2021, Save The Children International, SCI warns .

The international Organisation therefore calls for concerted global efforts among partners and stakeholders to provide the needed response to ensure enabling environment for child survival.

Access to Education in 2021 key to survival of children

According to the Chief Executive Officer, Save the Children Ms. Inger Ashing, the disruption of year 2020 by the covid-19 pandemic has caused some setbacks to global achievements but noted, “there is need for a concerted and immediate global response in 2021 to ensure last year’s setbacks do not permanently impact an entire generation for years to come.

In a statement released in London the CEO noted, “COVID-19 has put decades of progress for the world’s most vulnerable children at risk.

“Weak health systems were impacted as children saw their parents or teachers being taken away to hospitals with the virus. Children went hungry as families were plunged into poverty because breadwinners lost their income.

Govt Failure Worsens Education Situations of Poor Children

“The education of more than 300 million pupils is affected by the pandemic[ii], as many schools had to close to curb the virus, increasing the risk of child abuse, exploitation, child marriage or children dropping out of school permanently”, said Ashing..

From projections by the United Nations, not less than 235 million people – an estimated half of them children – will need some form of humanitarian assistance this year

“2021 can be better, or far worse, than 2020 for children – it completely depends on humanity coming together to fight for every child to survive, learn, thrive, and be protected against violence” said. SCI

The body pointed out that there is no excuse for children going hungry day-after-day, being forced to work to put food on the table, or denied their right to education.

“We are particularly worried about the numbers of children at risk of acute and severe malnutrition if we fail to act now. We can’t ignore the clear warning signs of dangerous food shortages and a risk of famine in many countries, including Yemen, DRC, South Sudan, and parts of Nigeria”, notes Ms Ashing


CHILDREN IN NEED: Yemen 10,935,000, DRC 10,192,000. Ethiopia 10,011,000, Afghanistan 9,700,000, Sudan 6,164,000,, Syria 4,680,000,, Pakistan 4,305,000, Nigeria 4,250,000 TOTAL 60,237,000

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