“I Made My First Money Online 2yrs After Establishing CKN News”

Chris Kehinde Nwandu is the President, Guild of Professional Bloggers Of Nigeria and was recently one of the guests at the inaugural webinar of TheNewsGuru.com themed “Digital Media Gurus Speaks: How to monetise online media opportunities online”.

According to Nwandu, the widely believed notion that people can make instant money without necessarily investing the required dose of hard/smart work before doing so is false, more so, for online publishing.

I’m his words: “The online platform is not an end to making money. It only provides a leverage to flourish especially for those who are willing to tap into such leverages.

“For me, I made my first money online two years after establishing CKN News. And that was just N5000. This was after two consecutive years of hard work in the online space,” the CKN publisher said.

Asked what the Guild of Professional Bloggers which he currently presides over is doing to curtail the excesses of fake and unverified news flying around mostly from bloggers, Nwadu said the Guild had inaugurated an Ethics committee to monitor news contents from blogging sites. He noted further that despite conscious efforts put in place by the Guild, the task of enforcing strict adherence was an issue as the number of blogging sites are well over a million.

“One of the first things we did on assumption of office was to inaugurate an ethics committee to monitor contents and strict adherence to ethical standards. Moreover, most bloggers don’t have any journalistic background and the social media has a way of regulating itself.

People will automatically stop visiting a site that dishes out fake and unverified news all the time and with time such sites will shut down permanently,’ Nwandu noted.
Also speaking, the editor (Online and Special Publications) of The Nation Newspapers, Lekan Otufodunrin said knowledge and creativity are prerequisites to making money online.
To make money online, he emphasized the need for people to apply knowledge and be creative.
Otufodunrin reiterated that despite the fact that the new media was here to stay, it however does not pose a threat to the existence of the print and broadcast media. He said rather, they complement each other to serve the readers better.

“The online media is here to stay and does not pose any threat to the existence of the traditional media. Rather, both arms of the media should be coordinated to serve the reading public better. Knowledge and creativity are prerequisites to making money online.  You must be willing to go the extra mile to get investors’ attention.

“A reporter must add human interest angles to a story that broke yesterday to appeal to people to buy the papers today. People mistake the internet as a cheap source of making money. While I won’t say it is not, however, some degrees of hard and smart work are needed to succeed,” the veteran journalist said.

The Vice President Corporate Communications/CSR Director Airtel Nigeria and founder of Ethelberts, Emeka Opara who also featured as one of the guest speakers at the event said brands across the world are always willing to invest and partner with credible, industrious and libel free media.



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