“Please, don’t go on strike”

After successfully convincing Resident doctors to suspend their 10-day boycott of services on Thursday, Health Minister, Professor Isaac Adewole is again pleading with other categories of health workers not to embark on another strike action.

The workers under the umbrella, Joint Health Workers Union on Wednesday warned that unless Federal Government honours all its 2014 demands and agreement within seven days, it will down tools by September 20.

Adewole had earlier taken to his twitter handle to express relief at achieving a resolution to the 10-day doctors’ strike but showed apprehension over another looming strike.

The Minister wrote: “Phew one down. Now, I am trying to prevail on JOHESU to shelve their planned strike action”.

Some respondents to the twit commended Adewole for achieving the truce with Resident doctors, but some blamed him for not making any visible investment in the tertiary hospitals having been part of the system before his present appointment.

The Minister was advised to immediately engage in overhauling and a radical surgery of the health sector as the present peace in the system is temporary. “The cycle will repeat itself”, said a responder, Abdulazeez Abdulrauf @azeezbaba_001

Prof. Adewole

Some others also urged Adewole to immediately engage  other health workers in a dialogue on how he plans to address their problems and avert another disruption in healthcare services nationwide.


“Welldone Prof. Your vast experience in the medical profession and unionism has never been in doubt. Keep up the good work. God bless you”, wrote. Egot Robert @drfynrekins.

“Our prayer is that everything be settled in the health sector so that our medical education can run smoothly!”, wrote the University of Ibadan Medical Students Association (UIMSA).

The Minister on health investment however noted, ” we have probably done more PPPs (Public Private Partnerships) than any government can think of “, adding “Federal Ministry of  Health (FMH) doesn’t have money”.

He disclosed that the “little allocated (to the ministry) is spent on personnel”.





One thought on ““Please, don’t go on strike”

  1. Reblogged this on HEALTHSTYLEPLUS online and commented:

    The Health Minister, Prof. Adewole would need to engage his workforce more and communicate to them the true position of the system. He will also need to earn their trust as a former union leader too.


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