Breaking: Again, Resident Doctors Suspend strike

For the umpteenth time in their agitation for improved welfare and well-being of members, the executive of the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) has again announced the suspension of a 10-day boycott of services.

Though the doctors however gave a caveat, “to reassess situation in two weeks at our AGM in Abuja”, the suspension of the strike is seen as a relief to hundreds of thousands patients who had to beat the pains of their absence.

The current strike action which began on September 4 was in resumption of an earlier suspended action for same reasons.

In a 3-paragraph terse statement signed by its President, John Onyebueze, the doctors noted that the decision to go back to work was reached after 3-days “of intense consideration of the efforts by government and progress made in addressing the items on the notice of our ultimatum, and strike, as well as implementing the contents of the re-negotiated Memorandum of Terms of Settlement (MTS)”.

Details of meeting later!! 



2 thoughts on “Breaking: Again, Resident Doctors Suspend strike

  1. One day very soon, in our lifetime by His grace if Jesus tarry, the delivery of healthcare in Nigeria will be beautiful & efficient!

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