LASSA: Be Prepared, Centre for Disease Control Alerts


WITH INCREASING  temperature and effects of climate change on the weather condition, the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has placed everyone on the alert in preventing the spread of Lassa Fever which has so far claimed six lives in seven states.

So far, 19 cases have been reported with Taraba and Plateau topping the list with six cases each; Ogun and Nassarawa reported two cases each while Edo, Ondo and Rivers have also reported a case each.

The Centre says it is prepared to combat new outbreaks but urged all health officials, who are most at risk of contracting the disease to be more vigilant and take all necessary precautions to protect selves.

When diagnosis and treatment is late, it reduces the likelihood of recovery.

Lassa fever is curable when there is rapid laboratory testing to confirm the disease, leading to early commencement of treatment.

To prevent Lassa fever in the community, Nigerians are advised to keep their food safe from rats and rat excreta. Critically, Lassa fever transmission in healthcare settings can be prevented by strict adherence to universal precautions. Doctors and nurses are advised to hold each other accountable to insist on these precautions.

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