10 couples To Receive Fertility Treatment @ Nordica Courtesy Ali Baba


HER EMOTIONAL outburst was contagious.


Ali Baba

Soon almost everyone present was caught in its splendour. It was indeed a wild ecstasy that was spontaneous and uncontrollable.

Maria Ogbede (not real Names) 36, had been waiting for the good news on the outcome of the embryo transfer after a failed attempt from two cycles of invitro fertilization.

Immediately the news was broken that the transfer had been successful and that she is confirmed pregnant, Maria lost herself in uncontrollable emotional outpour.

In the full glare of everyone present at the Fertility Clinic, Maria burst into songs of praise and worship all in tears while rolling on the floor thanking God for the good news of joy.

“Yes, this is more often the kind of scenario we witness regularly at our centre when couples especially women who have undergone successful fertility treatment and embryo transfer receive the news that they would soon be holding their babies to complete their family dream”, said, Dr Abayomi Ajayi, Medical Director Nordica Fertility Centre, Lagos.

For any woman who has known the pains and agony of infertility particularly after being married for quite a while, it is no wonder the kind of anxiety such a woman goes through to fulfil her wish of becoming a mother.

“It is more agonising for a woman when a cycle of treatment is unsuccessful. It is like the world has crumbled under her feet and at such a time she needs all the psycho-social and emotional support to help her come back for a repeat”, explained Ajayi.

According to Ajayi, “ it is not all treatment that succeeds. There are times some treatments would fail due to factors beyond human comprehension”, he noted.

Nevertheless, the option for most childless couples particularly those who have fertility challenges is not to lose hope and resign to fate but to try out the various opportunities offered by professionals at Fertility Clinic such as Nordica, explained Ajayi.

Moved by the emotional outpour of Maria, ace Comedian, Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomerere aka, Ali Baba and Friends in collaboration with the Fertility Treatment Support Foundation (FTSF) immediately offered to sponsor the fertility treatment of ten lucky couples at the Nordica Centre as part of his support in alleviating the pains of childless couples.

The gesture noted Dr Ajayi will definitely go a long way to help the selected lucky couples with fertility challenges to have the much needed opportunities to be screened, treated and offered IVF to complete their families.

“To arrive at the lucky couples, Nordica will provide free comprehensive fertility assessment to 20 selected couples out of which the 10 lucky couples will be further selected.


Dr Ajayi


To participate in the process, fertility challenged couples are to send 2 mins video of their fertility journey (from their own regular phone number registered on Whatsapp) OR a short story of their fertility journey of not more than 250 words to 0906 795 4727 (via Whatsapp) or HYPERLINK “mailto:info@ftsfnigeria.org” info@ftsfnigeria.org.

The content of the video and/or short story must include how long the couple have been married and their age.

They are mandated to also provide the following information:

Name of Husband & Age

Name of Wife & Age


Phone Number

Email Address

(Video entries will be an added advantage)

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