Just Before Women Become Extinct from Endometriosis

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WITH TEARFUL eyes and an emotion laden voice, Former Beauty Queen, Chief Adenike Osinowo at the recently held Endometriosis Gala and Fundraising night by Nordica Fertility Centre, told a bewildered audience which included the wife of the country’s Vice President, Dolapo Osibajo, how she has been living with Endometriosis which she lamented robbed her of quality lifestyle.

The audience which also had Super model and former Miss Tanzania, Millen Magase, also an Endometriosis survivor, Current Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria, Unoaku Ayandike, Ogun State Commissioner for Health Dr Tunde Ipaye, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, Renowned Texas Gynaecologist, Dr.John Dulemba among others present were held back to their seats while Ms Osinowo narrated her story.

Like a nightmare, she said”, the pain came just when she was about eleven years old in a boarding School and no one could explain what it was all about except that it was a normal menstrual pain.

“But as the years went by and the pain grew worse and I had to go through surgeries, of which I lost count, and my social and private life almost grounded, no medical doctor could tell me why I have to continue to go through the pain over and over and bleed for nearly 25 days in a month leaving me with just about five days only to do everything others would do including enjoying quality sexual life in my marriage and I could only ask God, why me? “, said Nike tearfully.

Osinowo who was crowned Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria in 1991 has been a celebrity who has weathered so much storm in life and one thing she never hid from the world is what her travails had been especially living with Endometriosis.

Three years ago, Ms Osinowo who has been everything including a Television Presenter, defied all odds to exploit the option of surrogacy after she realised she would not be able to carry her own babies.

Her choice became successful and produced a set of two beautiful girls and of which she told the audience, “I am grateful to Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, Medical Director, Nordica Fertility Centre, his wife, Tola, both encouraged me and led me through with the assurance that I could still be fulfilled in motherhood”.

Osinowo noted that her beautiful twins though are doing very well; “but I am still scared because no one has been able to tell me if my girls would suffer endometriosis as me; I need answers, I wish scientific researches can prove how this terrible condition can be avoided”, she cried.

“No doctor has told me why I suffer so much because of endometriosis. Why me, I keep asking. I turned 50 recently and I’m looking forward to menopause. However in spite of endometriosis, I have had an amazing life,” she asserted.

Osinowo isn’t the only brave survivor who could share her pain, though she took the stage at the Gala, Super Model, Millen Magase who flew in from New York to grace the occasion has equally shared her experience when she recalled how she was embarrassed on the day of her being crowned Miss Tanzania saying, “Immediately my name was announced as the winner, my blood kept flowing and I couldn’t move on stage”.

Speaking at the occasion, wife of the Vice President, Dolapo Osibajo noted that she is disturbed by the magnitude of those who suffer from the condition which statistics put at 10% of all women which she said means, “millions of women and girls in Nigeria and many millions more of people who love them”.

According to her, “It is scary that so many live their whole lives on a condition which is not diagnosed. It is sad that many could not receive proper treatment and medication because of misdiagnosis”.

In a special tribute, she saluted the courage of Ms Osinowo who she said has succeeded in giving Endometriosis the deserving face as a world Ambassador and speaking about her experiences to encourage millions of others going through the pain to come out and seek medical treatment.

“I salute her courage for speaking about her experiences on endometriosis. I believe this is a great sacrifice, indeed a great personal sacrifice to lay her personal experiences bare for the sake of ensuring that there is awareness about endometriosis and medical practitioners are encouraged to watch out for it, to treat it to help sufferers and to research the condition hopefully with a view of finding a cure”, said Osibajo.

She advocates for special fund dedicated to research into the condition before women and girls go into extinction “because endometriosis also cause infertility”, Osibajo affirmed.

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