Some Fertility Problems Are Preventable

Some Fertility problems facing couples in marriage are really preventable if individuals could pay close attention to their reproductive health and protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Medical/Clinical Director Androcare Fertility Centre and Academy, Lagos, Dr Daramola Adeleke gave the insight during an interactive session to introduce the innovative method the centre has been involved in taking Invitro Fertility Treatment to the everyday people.

Adeleke who shows concern for the rising fertility problems alludes that some of these are preventable if some of those affected had taken measures to seek proper medical care for what is often referred to as “toilet infections” which he says are not medically recognised.

“Since we commenced diagnosis of infertility, we have found lots of women with blocked fallopian tubes and men with Varicose, which is, enlarged veins in their scrotum; both of which are preventable and treatable at the very beginning”.

According to Adeleke, “over the years, I have come to realise that most blocked tubes is caused by an infection in a woman when she was much younger and was not properly treated.

This happens a lot and it’s called pelvic infections. She probably had discharge as well. Assuming younger ladies can take care of such things early enough, they will prevent blocked tubes. Most girls do not know the implication of having pelvic infection.

Corroborating Adeleke’s position, the Consultant Gynaecologist/Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Charles Kolade noted, “what most young people often referred to as toilet infections are really sexually transmitted infections (STIs) which in the female could sometimes be herpes, gorrnorrhea and others STIs, which was contacted but either not treated at all or properly treated. So, in Medicine, there is nothing like “toilet infection”.

Drs Kolade and Adeleke

“Calling it Toilet infection seem to make it acceptable to the generality of the people. But we understand it is pelvic infection that emits pain and associates with itching around the vagina. It is important for every one with such symptoms to get it treated with the right Antibiotics and equally maintain cleanliness to prevent future fertility problems.

“Remember the simple. ABC of Life Abstinence, Be Faithful and Condomisation.. STIs could cause blocked tubes for life”, Kolade advised.

Adeleke also added, “Unsafe termination of pregnancy due to its criminality in our country has also been linked to blocked fallopian tube in many Ladies.

“:Also unsafe delivery could lead to infections during birthing and so, lead to blockade of the tubes. Even infections caused by C-Section can equally lead to blocked tubes. Some other causes are Biking, use of steroids”.

Varicose vein on the other hand says Adeleke, often results in low sperm count in men “and this is a condition that has no drug for its treatment once it occurs, says Adeleke”.

He notes, “This starts from childhood when one or two of the testes do not descend into the scrotum sac and if not attended to can before age of four, cause low sperm count in near future. In fact from childhood, many guys who don’t check themselves up may be unaware until when they get married and discover that it is hard for their wives to get pregnant, then they realise they have varicose which by that time it is late”, notes Adeleke.

The duo of Kolade and Adeleke explain that the vision of Androcare is to put smiles on couples who hitherto would not have been able to afford cost of IVF and are generally “the everyday people on the the streets”.

Both however assured that the centre tries to make the cost of IVF affordable and not too scary hence its choice of location, Akowonjo, suburb of Lagos.

The centre also has facility for training medical doctors who are interested in fertility care and IVF treatment at its Androcare Academy



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