Solid Rock Hospital Ojodu, Lagos Receives Healthcare Excellence Award

Lagos State Best Private Facility Healthcare Excellence Award 2019 has been won by Solid Rock Hospital, Ojodu, Lagos at the recently held 6th Annual Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Award (NHCEA).

The healthcare award ceremony which was organised by PharmaAcess was described as one in “recognition of outstanding services in the field of health care in Nigeria.”

Medical Director, Dr. Ayoola Sanu described the recognition as exciting and encouraging for the workforce to invest more and do more for their clients.

“We are excited about the healthcare award and it is encouraging that our effort is not in vain. Our desire is to be one of the best hospitals in the nation. We have the vision we have the motto. Our vision is to be leading ever expanding healthcare provider that delivers comprehensive services to its clients. That we are given this healthcare award is to do more in that line.

Dr. Ayoola Sanu

According to Sanu, “We have always been upgrading to bring the facility to this level and for us, we have continued to engage the services of Safe Care to help in increasing our services. They have been like our teacher training us on what we need to do. There are about 5 levels and we are now on level 4 of their accreditation. “So winning this healthcare award means that we are going along the right line and with further effort we hope to get to the final stage that we will be nationally and internationally recognized as a centre of excellence”, said Dr. Sanu.

Earlier in the year, the facility won the 2nd runner up as the Super Facility for Family Planning, organized by the John Hopkins Centre for Communication Programme. In 2014, it won the Best Medical Practice in the Jodu News Blaze Award.

The Medical Director noted that the health facility has continued to maintain Quality as its watchword in providing care.

“Quality costs money. In terms of margins we are not there yet, but when we get there we will be the ones to call the shorts. These are our standards you either take it or leave it. It is not all about profit, even though it is a business concern, you want to make profit, but that is not the primary focus. The primary focus is to have a standard place where people can come in and get value for their money”, said the Medical Director.

He assured that in no time, the facility will be assessed by international bodies to rate its performance among its category.

“In the next one year or thereabout, they will bring their international partners to come and assess us. They are the one asking us to get better. Hence this healthcare award is just another motivation”, said Sanu

He said the plan is to reach level five of the Quality rating standard of operation which everyone is ensuring to imbibe.

“It is just commitment. We have a team driving the process. We have people in charge of each section in the quality improvement team, driving others, ensuring that they meet and ensure that people under them do the right thing”, Sanu assured.


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