Re: N100m Dangote Malnutrition Project, How Do we Benefit?

Professional chicken breeders who are interested in ensuring the success of the Dangote Foundation Malnutrition Project in the country are already asking how they could make their locally bred produce available for the benefit of malnourished children in Nigerian.

Reacting to the news of the planned investment of N100m by Africa’s richest businessman, Aliko Dangote, Nigeria’s first Professor of Animal Breeding,Genetics & Biotechnology, Professor Funmi Adebambo MNSAP, RAS,FASAN of the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta told Healthstyleplus, Food and Beverages, that the investment by Dangote is coming at the right time.

According to Adebambo, the indigenous chicken breeders need all the support to rear the varieties of cross-breeds to market weight and for processing.

In her letter to Healthstyleplus, Food and Beverages, Professor Adebambo wrote: the importation of cheap less-nutritious Indian breeds, Kuroiler, has been hindering the success of the local Noiler breed “which we know is a modification of Kuroiler from India”.

Below is the mail from Professor Adebambo:

Hello Dear Yinka,

I just read about the Dangote’s malnutrition project on your site.The question is how can someone like us indigenous breeders benefit from this. As the first indigenous chicken breeders for Nigeria, we already developed at least 4 lines of chicken breeds from the local ones that had been tested across the country and have been found highly acceptable for their ruggedness, low mortality, high egg production and fast growth rate as broilers for meat and dual-purpose pullets  for meat and eggs.

Unfortunately for us, someone gave license for one type of Noiler which we know is a modification of Kuroiler from India to mess up the market for us. Our birds’ development was enhanced by the Gates’ foundation for rural households in Nigeria and we have started expanding the production for the supply of 6 weeks pre-vaccinated birds for rural households only for me to learn that the Noiler birds are being sold at rural villages at N50 per DOC while we sell ours at N100 yet we are not breaking even at much greater loss.
 We need support to possibly go on to rear our chicken to market weight for processing.

 We are the first and only Indigenous chicken breeders in Nigeria and as is common
with us, we never promote our own but we enjoy destroying our own to promote other
people/ countries market.
This is my 23rd year on this research before we could categorically say we have indeed arrived after the testing of the birds in the 5 agro-ecological zones of Nigeria.
Any more info on this project can be provided or you might want to visit us at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta for seeing is believing..
Prof.’Funmi Adebambo MNSAP, RAS,FASAN
Professor of Animal Breeding,Genetics & Biotechnology
Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics
University of Agriculture.
P.M.B.2240, Abeokuta

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