Nigeria is 27th Toughest Place for Girl-Child Education-Report

Getting School placement in Nigeria is not like peeling a ripe banana. The hurdles are numerous but for the Girl-Child, the task is daunting.

A new report scheduled for launch on Wednesday to mark the International day of the Girl Child in Abuja reveals that of the 10 toughest places to get a girl educated, nine are in Africa.

The report though does not directly indict Nigeria as one of the toughest Nations to study, but hammers that the crisis-torn Northeast where the devastation of Boko Haram has left over 1000 schools damaged or destroyed and 1500 others closed has left education paralysed for several years.

The Index: 10 Toughest Places for a Girl
to Get an Education:

COUNTRY                      SCORE (OUT OF 100)
1. SOUTH SUDAN.                            15.93
3. NIGER.                                             21.50
4. AFGHANISTAN                              23.51
5. CHAD                                               27.16
6. MALI                                                29.28
7. GUINEA                                           30.35
8. BURKINA FASO                              33.03
9. LIBERIA                                           36.20
10. ETHIOPIA                                     36.79

The project report by ONE Campaign (, an international campaign and advocacy organization, showed that among the countries of the world Nigeria ranks as the 27th toughest place for girls to get an education due to the situation in the Northeast.

It noted that there are particularly poor outcomes in Northeast Nigeria, where the ongoing insurgency has had severe adverse impacts on girls education.

According to the report, 52% of girls in the Northeast have never been to school.


 Nigeria ranked as the 27th
toughest place for girls to get
an education. But this ranking
hides regional disparities. In
North East Nigeria, for example,
the violent extremist group
Boko Haram (which translates
as ‘western education is
forbidden’) poses increased
obstacles to girls completing
their education. Boko Haram
kidnapped 276 schoolgirls in
Chibok in 2014. As of 2016, over
1,000 schools in the region had
been damaged or destroyed
and 1,500 schools had closed.
This means that while Nigeria
as a whole doesn’t make our
list of toughest countries, at a
regional level North East Nigeria
is a tougher place for a girl to
get educated than other regions
in the country. In Nigeria’s
South-South geopolitical zone,
5% of girls have never been
to school, whereas this figure
increases more than 10-fold
(to 52%) in the North East.



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