Nigeria develops herbal drugs for Ebola, Malaria

As the world continues to find the lasting solution to the endemic malaria and latest Ebola virus disease, the Nigeria Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD) has recorded a milestone in developing six new herbal drugs for the diseases.

The NIPRD Director-General(DG), Prof. Karniyus Gamaniel announced at the weekend that the institute has successfully researched and developed six herbal products that are quite effective in the treatment of malaria, Ebola, HIV, immuno-suppressant and other local infectious diseases.

According to the DG, the six herbal drugs researched and developed in the last eight years of the institute include: NIPRIBOL, a fixed dose combination drug for the treatment of Ebola Virus Disease, which has completed the Phase I study of the drug and ‘NIPRIMAL’, an anti-malaria for treatment of uncomplicated malaria which he said is also safe for use by pregnant women.

Others are: ‘NIPRIMUNE’ an immunostimulant which can also be used to manage HIV in Nigeria and ‘NIPRIFAN’ for the treatment of fungal skin infection.

Another product he announced developed by the institute is ‘NIPRD Oil’ which he said could be used as a nasal decongestant, insect repellant, air freshner and an anti-inflammatory agent.

Although Gamaniel warned that excessive use of this oil could cause irritation.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the DG equally announced that “the institute has also developed ‘NIPRISAN’ for the management of sickle cell anaemia.

“We are currently concluding plans to carry out commercial production and distribution of this product.

“We have developed and implemented various institutional policies for effective governance, this include the scheme and condition of service, intellectual policy and quality management system.

“We have also ensured the introduction of traditional herbal medicine into the national health system and established partnerships with local and international organisations”, noted the DG.

He assured that the core competence of NIPRD is in the development of phytomedicines from indigenous plants and products, clinical trials, among others saying, “we are a quality assured institute”.


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