Isa Hussaini Lecture for Pharmacy Academy's Investiture

The drive for a locally effective and much cheaper herbal remedy in the treatment of cancers has continued to engage the attention of many more Scientists particularly, Nigerian Pharmacists.

It is towards this development that the Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy will feature renown Cancer Researcher and Professor of Pharmacology, Isa Marte Hussaini who will share knowledge during the induction of six new professionals into its esteemed ranks.

The event billed for Thursday, September 28 according to Professor Fola Tayo, Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Council of Caleb University, who also doubles as General Secretary of the Academy, will have Prof. Hussaini lead conversation on the topic in his keynote presentation.

Cancer, said Tayo is a chronic disease condition for which the scientific community is still grappling with the need to better understand in order to proffer more effective preventive, management and curative approaches. “Professor Hussaini’s work is a tribute to academic excellence and apart from informing society about the progress he has made so far, we also want to inspire the rest of the scientific community and keep the quest for research into problems that afflict mankind, on the front-burner,” said Tayo.

The six eminent professionals who are billed to be inducted into the Academy, said Tayo, have been painstakingly selected from a diverse pool of practice areas. “Beyond the fact that they are distinguished in their various practice areas,” said Tayo, “each inductee possesses a mindset and disposition that align with the Academy’s mission and reason for being.”

The Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy is a specialized academy that among others, seeks to promote scientific research and professional development especially in the health, pharmaceutical and related sectors in order to help overcome challenges posed by pain and disease as well as fast-track social and economic development in Nigeria and beyond.

Last July, it brought together, professionals drawn from the health sciences – medicine, pharmacy, nursing, medical laboratory sciences, physiotherapy and others – to brainstorm and proffer solutions on the subject of inter-professional collaboration, against the backdrop of the animosity and inter-professional rivalry that exists in Nigeria’s healthcare sector. The Academy has also been active at jointly reviewing the training curriculum for pharmacists in order to enable the profession keep pace with global developments such that the professionals remain relevant to the needs and aspirations of patients and the larger society.


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