How Long Does Real Sex Last?

Isn’t it interesting to find out from couples especially those who love and enjoy real sex how much the act really lasts?

You must have heard from some men or women how good sex makes life worth the living.

While some would fight over sex to get the juice, some just can’t stand partners who derive pleasure in the act they don’t seem to find interesting.

Anyway, this piece is simply about how long really do good sex last from a site survey done cross some countries.

An intimate study on The  reveals the nations that have the best stamina in the bedroom.

Men are failing to meet women’s demands when it comes to stamina notes The survey, which took data from 3,836 people, calculated how long we really romp for.

Researchers analysed results from men across the globe. As well as this, they asked women to reveal how long they would like their saucy sessions to last for.

On average, ladies confessed that they wanted their trysts to be 25 minutes 51 seconds long. But sadly, the male participants often failed to deliver. It didn’t matter where they were from, or how old they were, those surveyed fell short in every category.

Here’s how long men last in the sack.


Younger males struggle with stamina. Men based in the US and Canada spent the most time in the sack, claiming to get jiggy for around 17 minutes.

In third place were the British, who last an average of 16 minutes and 58 seconds. The Aussies came in at number four, with a sexual performance of 16 minutes 34 seconds. And lastly, Indian participants proved to have the least stamina.

According to the survey, their steamy sessions last an average of 15 minutes 15 seconds.

When taking age into consideration, teens were less likely to enjoy lengthy sex sessions. But thankfully, stamina tends to improve with age. Those who were aged between 29 and 33 seemed to last the longest. And when the chaps hit 35, their prowess began to decline again.


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