Health Insurance Managers, Providers Partner to Reach More Nigerians

Health Insurance Managers and Providers under aegis of Health and Managed Care Association of Nigeria and  Health Care Providers Association of Nigeria (HCPAN) respectively are partnering to reach more Nigerians with health Insurance coverage.

Both parties at a recent joint meeting agreed that it is time to close gaps and work in harmony for the benefits of more Nigerians who are the primary clients they both serve.

It would be recalled that the two umbrella bodies which represent the Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs) and Healthcare providers have been at each other’s throats for so long over the issue of capitation, payment defaulting, standards among several others.

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As one of the key ways to provide service that would reach more Nigerians, the insurance managers and providers agreed to build processes and systems that follow global best practices.

The Health Insurance Managers and Providers both agreed to also review the challenges bedeviling the healthcare sector especially those that affect achieving success of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and make amends.

In a Communique jointly signed by the Chairman and President of the two bodies respectively, Drs. Tunde Ladele and Jimmy Arigbabuwo noted that the two critical bodies have agreed to a workable actuarial determined benefit packages and premiums for the adoption of the Nigerian Employers Consultative Association for its members.

L-R: Drs. Arigbabuwo and Ladele

The duo of Health Insurance Managers and Providers admit that with the introduction of a jointly determined risk and premium benefit packages there would be significantly minimized or eliminated arbitrary discounting and and or short payment of claims by accredited HMOs.

The partnership according to Ladele and Arigbabuwo will also seek to engage with all tiers of government in setting up a workable State Insurance.

Drs Ladele and Arigbabuwo urged state governments starting social health insurance programmes to carry along major stakeholders in the draft, benefit designs, actuarial valuation, tariffs and premium settings.

The Health Insurance Managers and Providers equally agreed to provide uninterrupted, qualitative and measurable healthcare services to Nigerian enrollees at all healthcare facility and to maintain an effective and efficient lines of communication at all times.

Above all, both bodies agreed to press that they be allowed to nominate their representatives to the Board of the NHIS to ensure fair and inclusion representation of the healthcare industry.


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