Children Want Better Nigeria on World Children’s Day

Nigerian Children are craving for a better nation as they join their counterparts around the world to mark 2018 International World Children’s Day (IWCD) in which the call is urging all world leaders to put all children back on the agenda for development.

“We want to build a world where every child is in school, safe from harm and can fulfil their potential – and nowhere is this more true than in Nigeria,” said Mohamed Fall, UNICEF’s Representative in Nigeria.

Fadeel Basheer

“No matter where a child is born – whether into wealth or poverty – they and their parents have the same hopes and dreams for their future. And we owe it to all children to give them a fair chance to survive and fulfil those dreams,” said Mohamed Fall.

Some of the children from Journalists International School, (JIS), Arepo, Ogun State expressed some of their thoughts on how the present situation of their environment affects their growing into great adults the country would be proud of and what they think government can do to improve the lives of all children and their families.

Our Roads Are Horrible

My name is Isabel Martins. I am complaining to my government about the state of our roads.

Isabelle Martins

Many people who have complained about our roads have done so because these roads are so bad that many people have lost values over their property including lives due to the condition of the roads.

I have heard so many adults complained that government should fix the roads and I wonder why it is so difficult for government to fix roads if that is what it is supposed to do.

For example, those who live in Arepo where I live and where my School is situated are always full of sad stories on how the bad road make them sick. Our School bus too is always visiting the Mechanic and we suffer frequently when we are driven through the roads.

How I wish government could just attend to fixing all the very bad and horrible roads around.

 My name is Fadeel Basher, Primary 5–The bad state of the road leading to my school is always giving me headache whenever I’m driven on the road. I am appealing to government to help tar the (Arepo) road that leads to my School. The benefit of a good road for us in my School includes, the School bus getting to pick us early at home and getting us to school on time too. A tarred road would also beautify our environment.

 …Wish Electricity is Constant

Grace Egberi

My name is Grace Egberi from Delta State. I am not happy with the state of electricity supply. Yesterday, it was total darkness in my Estate when all of a sudden, there was a blink and all hoped electricity would be restored, but no.

My family went to bed in darkness. Each time the house is in darkness, I am uncomfortable and scared.

I want the government to do something to fix electricity so children can be comfortable and safe when we go to sleep.

I hate to be in darkness as my parents do not keep the generator on through the night. Darkness is scary.


I Want my Rights Protected, Oduyela Pelumi

Pelumi Oduyela

As a Nigerian Child, I have rights to so many things like right to education, good food, movement and so on. However, there are some things I do not like about my country and one in particular is lack of electricity. Electricity company would just not supply us electricity and yet, will still bring bills to our parents to pay. Is this right?

Another thing I do not like about my country is pollution. There is noise pollution, there is air pollution from generator fumes. Whenever power is taken, people have to turn to generators and then, wow, its noise competition all over and of course, fumes from so many generators all at once

Chiemere Duru


I am affected by noise. I do have right to sleep don’t I, but then that right is affected because I can’t sleep with noise and the smoke from the generator affects me too. I don’t get enough rest because of noise from generators around me.

I am told by my teacher that if one doesn’t sleep well, can develop mental illness which can lead to death. This is not fair at all.

I wish the government ensure regular electricity supply for 24 hours so that children like me will not die before we reach adulthood and we can live in a better Nigeria.

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