Ajayi, Nordica Fertility Expert for Lagos Man of the Year Awards

For twenty-eight years out of his 33 years in the medical profession, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, Medical Director, Nordica Fertility Centre has been actively devoted to issues of reproductive health.
The last fifteen years have really been the busiest for him because he has spent this period getting involved in lots of researches and supporting techniques that help fertility challenged couples overcome their barriers.
By deploying modern methods of assisted conceptions, the Nordica Experience has become a familiar and popular concept not only in Lagos State but in Nigeria.
Former Beauty Queen and Philanthropist, Chief Adenike Osinowo, told a bewildered audience at the First Endometriosis Awards Note in 2015 how her dream to become a mother, was fulfilled “after going through a very beautiful Nordics Experience “.
Osinowo who at 47 became the first publicly known mother of twins through surrogacy, couldn’t hide her emotions at the Endometriosis nite when she told her story as a survivor of traumatic years of endometriosis, painful menstruation associated with severe and heavy bleeding for nearly twenty days in a month.
The situation Unknown to her and several medical professionals who she had consulted locally and in UK, was responsible for her inability to conceive naturally.
“The major challenge was that no one actually diagnosed endometriosis as cause of my monthly pain and trauma until I met Dr Abayomi Ajayi”.
It would have really been unheard of some twenty years ago that a medical practitioner was publicly opening up conversations on conditions such as fertility issues like endometriosis because the code of ethics of the practice was very strict and highly regulated.
Any practitioner who discusses such issues of medical concern was brought before the Nigeria Medical and Dental Council to face charges ranging from violation of ethics, codes and advertising his practice.
Many Nigerians especially women, suffered in silence and families were disintegrated because they suffered in silence and in ignorance of conditions they could have received treatment and intervention.
It took the conviction of Dr Abayomi Ajayi to blaze the trail, take the bull by its horns and publicly put issues of reproductive health especially on fertility on the front burner through engaging medical and health reporters in continuous education.
Whenever he brought clinicians together to discuss new areas of treating gynaecology problems, health reporters were not left out.
The health correspondents and editors were not just observers of events but part of the trainings as medical communicators.

For over ten years, the Endo Support Group of Nigeria which he founded has been at the forefront of giving succor to women who have suffered in silence the monthly pains and trauma of the condition.
The last five years have witnessed massive media involvement in the campaign for public awareness on Endometriosis as a disease of public burden which should be given utmost attention.


“Once we began to see a lot of women present at our Centre with Endometriosis not as the primary reason for seeking treatment but we found out that it was mostly the cause of their fertility, which wasvthe primary reason for visiting Nordics, we realized that Endometriosis might have indeed become a disease of public burden”, said Ajayi.
It was as a result of the local study or survey outcome at Nordica that the ESGN instituted the Nordics Media Merit Awards (NMMA) in 2015 to engage the media in writing human interest stories as well as raise the level of public consciousness on the veracity of the disease and to draw attention of medical practitioners to improve on case diagnosis and treatment especially in prompt referral of patients to appropriate experts for follow up treatments.
Since it was instituted, the two editions of the NMMA has produced six winners in the print, electronic and online media as well as winner among five Secondary School Students who participated and won cash prizes and gifts.
It is therefore a big honour and privilege to have Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, CEO Nordica Fertility Centre, Lagos, Asaba and Asokoro Abuja nominated by the Centre for Policy Development & Political Studies for the Lagos State Man of the Year 2017 Award.
He said, he is humbled by the nomination and if recognised as the man of the year, it will be a greater challenge to become more dedicated to using more modern technology to solving problems of fertility in Nigerian couples.

To facilitate the process of becoming Lagos State Man of the Year, 2017, voters are to text:

Award Dr Abayomi Ajayi to 07085850077

Voting ends Sunday Aug 20, 2017.

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