“Agbero” Innovative Transport Payment Solution

Introducing “Agbero” an innovative payment solution App into the transportation operating system in the cities of Nigeria is about making transportation business in the country become more exciting.

The “Agbero” allows riders to own their mobile ticket with which they board commercial buses, faeries and boats.

It is is described by the Provider, Ruiti Agbero Limited as a positive innovative transportation App that can be downloaded in Google Play Stores and which takes care of the various yearnings of riders “to have a fare system commensurate with their ability to pay”.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Ruiti Agbero Limited, Revd. Olusesan Ogunmilade, “Agbero”  is indeed a mobile Ticketing solution model in which riders would only need to download mobile tickets using the phone and they do not need to carry cash.

Explaining how the App enhances ridership and gives revenue, Ogunmilade noted, the philosophy behind it is simple: a reduced fare leads to increase in ridership and profitability just as increased fares will lead to low revenue intake for the transport operators as the ridership population decreases.

On Prospects for increased capacity: The App according to Ogunmilade, will pave the way for organized Private Sector (OPS) – led public transport operations because the financial intermediaries are assured of guaranteed return on Investment (ROI).

“To travel for a whole day, the rider will buy a ticket with the mobile phone; he then travels on boats, ferries and buses of operators who are partnering with the “Agbero” App.

On the dynamics of transacting on the “Agbero” App, Ogunmilade said, the “Agbero” which is a fare payment Service App enables transport operators use a platform that gives them fare collection on a platter. “They simply log on and they are in service”; he enthused.

Some other unique features of the  App he added include: It’s design to complement the existing ticketing arrangements of Transporters, The Agbero pays as the riders use the services and the commuter pays once.

The plan is simple; riders pay with their phone and receive a ticket, which enables them to ride, on a One – Day – Travel, round the city.

Comparative Statistics:  London vs Lagos

1. Population 9.5 Million 25 Million
2. Buses 6,000 1,000
3. Trains 500 None
4. Riders Population 6,000,000          (6 Million) 12,000,000

(12 Million)


The Core Deliverables

  • Mobile Ticketing Solution
  • Limitless Ticketing Capacity

The Specific Deliverable Features of “Agbero”

  • Riders Bring Their Own Ticket
  • The Riders Ticket in His / Her own pocket / bag
  • Reduction In Cost Of Operations For Transport Operators
  • Lower Fares for Riders / Commuters / Passengers
  • All Round Cashless Transactions
  • Achieving the Covid – 19 Protocols e.g. Social Distancing In Ticket Purchasing Process, Non Touching Of Common Surfaces Like Cash, Paper / Plastic Tickets etc.

According to Ogunmilade, “Agbero” commences operation on July 1, 2020 with the registration of public transport operators on www.ruitiagbero.com

Riders, i.e prospective users are urged to begin to download the Agbero App immediately and create their accounts in readiness for the commencement of operations. And there is a very attractive reward for the early buyers of the tickets.

The “Agbero”  is implemented in every Nigerian metropolis having One million or more commuters moving per hour in all directions daily.

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